Arizona Population

Arizona is the fourteenth most populated state and is steadily growing. In 2006 it was documented that Arizona was, in fact the fastest growing state in the entire United States and although that growth has slowed a little it is still in the top ten. The most recent census data indicates that the current population is 6,595,778 and that is a twenty percent increase from the 2000 census results. There are ninety-one incorporated towns and cities in the state of Arizona. The largest city in Arizona is Phoenix, which is currently the fifth most populous city in the country. Other densely populated cities include: Scottsdale, Tucson, Mesa, Glendale and Chandler. Some of the lesser populated cities include a few recognized ghost towns such as Jerome Arizona, with a population of around 350; many of the smaller cities and towns of Arizona are popular vacation destinations.

Ethnic makeup, Median Income and Educational Background of Arizonians

The state of Arizona has a very diverse ethnic makeup. In the city of Phoenix nearly 35 percent of the population is of Latino or Hispanic heritage, throughout the state of Arizona that figure sits at around thirty percent. Arizona is ranked fifth in total Hispanic/Latino population nationally. White/Non-Hispanic Arizonans make up slightly more that 57 percent of the populous of Arizona. Black/Non-Hispanic, American Indian and persons of Asian heritage make up the largest share of the remainder of the population. At latest count the median income for Arizonians was 51,000 dollars a year and 68 percent of residents own their own home. Eighty-one percent of Arizona residents over 25 have a High School education and twenty-five percent have a Bachelor’s Degree or greater. The male to female ratio is nearly even across the state.

Projected Growth

Arizona has seen a steady growth in population over the last ten years and is considered to be the one of the fastest growing states, and the town of Buckeye, Arizona was chosen by Bloomberg News as being one of the three fastest growing communities in the nation. Manufacturing of durable goods is a big part of the economy of Arizona but has seen a drop since the economic downturn in the last few years. Other segments of the employment sector that help make up the employment picture in Arizona include:

Healthcare Industry
Professional and Business Services
State and Local Government