The Great Arizona Beer Festival 2011

Arizona has many great things to offer, and throughout the year it offers a variety of festivals devoted to art and film, but none can compare in popularity to the annual beer festival. Once a year, Tempe Beach Park becomes home to the jovial masses of drunk Arizonians. Continue reading

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Baja, Arizona May be the 51st State

We have grown comfortable with our even fifty states, and the thought of that number going up to fifty one seems impossible, but it may just happen. With political disputes in the state of Arizona, The Pima County Democratic Party is trying to secede Southern Arizona from the rest of the state. Continue reading

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Medical Marijuana in Arizona

Arizona has one of toughest marijuana laws in the United States. The likelihood that Arizona will be any easier on enforcing the use of medicinal marijuana even if the U.S. Supreme Court rules in favor of marijuana for the chronically ill is slim. The federal ban on pot is not going to make it any easier for using the drug within the states with medicinal marijuana laws. Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Law, Prop 203, passed by a very slim margin of less than 4,500 votes and there are many questions being asked about the law. Continue reading

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Arizona Lakes

A scenically diverse state this desert southwest region certainly has enough gorgeous landscape to attract people from all over the world to visit. There are a lot of man-made lakes but there are also a number of natural lakes that attract anglers, boaters, jet skiers, swimmers or those that just want to camp on the banks, hike along a lakeside trail or sit and just to enjoy the scenery. Due to the dry climate many of the lakes are seasonal and have periods of time throughout the year when they do not contain water. Continue reading

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Tucson’s World Famous Gem Show

Tucson Gem & Mineral Show

For 56 years now, Tucson has hosted one of the largest gem, mineral, and fossil showcase in the United States. The event started out as just the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show run by the Tucson Gem & Mineral Society. Satellite shows began to pop up around town because of the popularity of the show, and today there are 50 individual shows at 47 venues. Thousands of vendors come to Tucson each year to sell everything from museum grade fossils to ready-made jewelry to precious stones worth thousands of dollars each. Continue reading

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So You Think You Can Do Your Own Plumbing…

Even in the age of the empowered home handyman (or handywoman), not many homeowners would be willing to take on a slab leak by themselves, or to swap out their own water heaters. It is a wise thing to leave the big jobs to the professionals, but if one is willing to spend a little bit of money on tools and educate oneself on the basics of residential plumbing, one can get a little dirty and save some money in the process by doing certain repairs themselves.

Educate Yourself First

Thanks to the World Wide Web, it isn’t too hard to dredge up some fairly informative videos or instruction manuals that can get you through the task. There is no shortage of testimonials in which people are willing to share the secrets to the their success – and the pitfalls that led them to fail. Some of the larger hardware stores may also hold classes from time to time demonstrating the ins-and-outs of what goes on behind the cubboard doors under your kitchen sink.

Tools of the Trade

The first thing you will need are the tools of the trade. It goes beyond the traditional plunger (although that is important). The culturally dominant icon of the monkey wrench, however, is probably not something that most people will ever use, especially since most modern plumbing consists of plastic (PVC) fitments. One of most important tools you can have on hand is the sink auger, commonly referred to as a “snake”. It’s basically a length of wound-up cable on a big, enclosed reel, which you feed down a clogged drain or toilet in hopes of clearing the blockage.

An adjustable (crescent) wrench is great to have around, not just for plumbing but for most any basic home repair. Items such as plumber’s tape and plumber’s putty are useful in the right hands. If you really get good at it, you may want to pick up a tubing cutter and bender, but again, metallic pipes are quickly becoming a thing of the past. If you have these common tools on hand, but still can’t get the job done, that’s probably a good sign that it’s time to bring in a professional plumber in Phoenix, AZ to tackle the job… But at least you can say you tried!

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Plan the Perfect First Date

Planning for that first date can be exciting but nerve-wracking. You want that first date to be fun, entertaining and perfect. However, before making that first date there are certain things you can do that will make your first date fun and memorable. Bringing along a cell phone and enough money for your first date are two essentials that will make your first date go smoother and with less tension.

Think about your Relationship

Then, think about the relationship you have with this person. If you have known your date mate for awhile and know their likes and dislikes, then coordinate with that special person on what to do on that first date. For instance, if you know that your date likes movies, you might want to go out for dinner and then a movie. Seeing a movie works well for those who have known each other for awhile. If however, your date has an interest in bowling and you’ve only known this person a short time, you might want to bowl a few games. Bowling makes for a good first date because you have time in between the games to talk, laugh and share bowling tips. Visit the bowling pro shop before hand to get advice on what lane to use.

What do you have in Common?

Another important point that will help make your first date perfect and memorable is to find out what you have in common. Talk with your date and find out what interests he or she has in common with you. Perhaps you both have an interest in books, going to college or outside activities such as jogging or bicycling. Think ahead about what you want to talk about during the date. This will help keep the conversation going.

Because you want that first date to be worthwhile and pleasant, pick a good time for the date. You want that first date to be as soon as possible so that your date won’t forget but you also don’t want to appear too eager. You also need to be specific about what time you will pick up your date and where you will go. Make sure to confirm your reservations in advance—if you are planning to dine at a fancy restaurant. And, if your date is somewhat forgetful, you may want to call the day before to confirm the date–to see if the date is still on.

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Jewel of the Desert

Nothing is as opulent as a sparkling, chunky piece of diamond jewelry. Whether one is sporting a ring that can cut glass, a star-striking necklace or a tennis bracelet that could be used to signal Navy ships off the coast, diamonds say everything about a person without uttering a single word. Years ago, the finest diamond jewelry never made it very far inland, with buyers on the East and West Coasts snaring the cream of the crop for themselves.

Stay Local

Now, one need not venture out to Los Angeles, New York or Miami to find high-quality inventory. Some of the better known jewelers have opened outlets in just about every major metropolitan area, sure, but home-grown jewelry stores have also been putting some excellent pieces in their display windows. The desert southwest has become a hotbed for jewelry of all kinds, including the Santo Domingo Pueblo near Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Finding the Perfect Piece

Finding precious gems is always a science that should be approached with the assistance of an educated party. Reputable stores will have knowledgeable sales staff waiting to assist you in your search for the ring, necklace, bracelet or broach that will help you best express yourself. With their experience and fashion sense as to what looks good in the desert (as opposed to something you’d wear at the beach) those who know Tucson diamonds and jewelry will keep you looking your finest without sending you to the ends of the Earth.

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