Arizona Battling Super Lice Outbreak

We have all had to deal with the possibility of getting lice. It is very common in elementary schools because the bugs can spread so easily from person to person. Adults who have children or work with children are also likely to catch lice. For the most part, getting lice is simply an inconvenience because it takes time and treatment to get rid of the pest. Now several states are actually dealing with what is called Super lice, which is like a mutant lice. Arizona is one of the states battling this super bug outbreak, and health officials are trying to figure out a solution.

What exactly is super lice?

So what exactly is it that makes super lice different from regular lice? Well they both pretty much do the same thing. When they come into contact with the scalp, they attach themselves and begin to lay eggs. Once these eggs hatch, your head can become invaded with the nasty pest. Normally, an over the counter, safe insecticide can be used to help kill off the lice. However, super lice are almost immune to these insecticides, and will continue multiplying, without dying off. This makes them very hard to get rid of.

Arizona’s super lice

Arizona is one of the top states that is susceptible to the super lice. Lice samples taken throughout the state were observed. 100% of these lice samples were resistant to over the counter insecticides, making them Super lice. This can become a real problem in Arizona schools. Parents should be checking their children at least once a week. Since Super lice are harder to get rid of, the sooner they are located, the better.

What will kill super lice?

If over the counter insecticides are not working, how can we get rid of Super lice? The FDA has approved a new treatment, Air Alle. This treatment provides heated air to controlled areas of the scalp, where the Super lice live. The air from the dryer is supposed to actually dehydrate the Super lice, thus killing them off. The majority of Super lice should fall off onto a towel, and the remainder can be brushed out, or shampooed out of the scalp. This treatment can be completed once, and all Super lice should die off, but a follow up is recommended to be sure.

Pricey cost of treatment

With regular lice, you can go to the store and purchase a couple bottles of insecticide and continue treatment until all lice are killed off. Since these insecticides do not work for Super lice, it looks like your only option is to find a location that uses heat to kill them. This treatment is pricey, costing $175. This is the price for one treatment, meaning that if your family of four all come into contact with the Super lice, you are going to be paying over $500 for treatment.

Even though Arizona and dozens of other states are battling this Super lice outbreak, it is possible the entire United States will see instances of this Super lice. Be diligent in checking your children for lice because you never know if it might be Super lice.



Arizona Population

Arizona is the fourteenth most populated state and is steadily growing. In 2006 it was documented that Arizona was, in fact the fastest growing state in the entire United States and although that growth has slowed a little it is still in the top ten. The most recent census data indicates that the current population is 6,595,778 and that is a twenty percent increase from the 2000 census results. There are ninety-one incorporated towns and cities in the state of Arizona. The largest city in Arizona is Phoenix, which is currently the fifth most populous city in the country. Other densely populated cities include: Scottsdale, Tucson, Mesa, Glendale and Chandler. Some of the lesser populated cities include a few recognized ghost towns such as Jerome Arizona, with a population of around 350; many of the smaller cities and towns of Arizona are popular vacation destinations.

Ethnic makeup, Median Income and Educational Background of Arizonians

The state of Arizona has a very diverse ethnic makeup. In the city of Phoenix nearly 35 percent of the population is of Latino or Hispanic heritage, throughout the state of Arizona that figure sits at around thirty percent. Arizona is ranked fifth in total Hispanic/Latino population nationally. White/Non-Hispanic Arizonans make up slightly more that 57 percent of the populous of Arizona. Black/Non-Hispanic, American Indian and persons of Asian heritage make up the largest share of the remainder of the population. At latest count the median income for Arizonians was 51,000 dollars a year and 68 percent of residents own their own home. Eighty-one percent of Arizona residents over 25 have a High School education and twenty-five percent have a Bachelor’s Degree or greater. The male to female ratio is nearly even across the state.

Projected Growth

Arizona has seen a steady growth in population over the last ten years and is considered to be the one of the fastest growing states, and the town of Buckeye, Arizona was chosen by Bloomberg News as being one of the three fastest growing communities in the nation. Manufacturing of durable goods is a big part of the economy of Arizona but has seen a drop since the economic downturn in the last few years. Other segments of the employment sector that help make up the employment picture in Arizona include:

Healthcare Industry
Professional and Business Services
State and Local Government

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Arizona Famous People

The Southwest state of Arizona is home to several prominent individuals from many different disciplines. In the arts, politics, on the athletic field and beyond, there is no shortage of well-known individuals that have called Arizona home. Many native and adopted Arizonians’ have risen to prominence in their respective fields. There are many role models that represent the diversity and rich heritage of the state of Arizona.

Political Figures From Arizona

The first woman elected to the Supreme Court, Sandra Day O’Conner is a native of Arizona. Appointed to the court in 1981 by Ronald Reagan, she served until 2006 and was known for her centrist point of view.

Four Arizonians have made serious bids for the White House, although not an Arizona native, John McCain has made his home and career there. McCain, who has twice run for the presidency of the United States and was a decorated war hero before his political career, moved to Arizona in 1980 when he ended his military career and began to pursue his political aspirations.

Arizona Sports Stars

Many sports figures also call the state of Arizona home.

PGA champion Phil Mickleson is from Scottsdale Arizona and graduated from Arizona State University. Mickleson has won four major PGA championships throughout his career.

American hero and Football player Pat Tillman was not born in Arizona but went to college and made his home there when playing for the Arizona Cardinals. He posthumously received both the Purple Heart and the Silver Star and is remembered for his sacrifice and bravery when he voluntary left his career in the National Football League after 9/11, to serve his county in the war in Afghanistan.

Olympic gymnast Keri Strug, remembered for her one-footed landing to clinch a gold medal for team USA at the 1996 Olympics was born in Tucson Arizona and trained there for her Olympic performance as did Phoenix, Arizona native and gold, silver and bronze medalist Gary Hall Jr.


Many actors and musicians are also from Arizona.

Stevie Nicks from the group Fleetwood Mac was born in Phoenix Arizona, although she moved before high school and she was already performing in and around her hometown by the age of five, with her Grandfather.

Another great female singer, Linda Ronstadt was born in Tucson Arizona; She rose to prominence in the late 70’s and has recorded across several genres of music through the years and is a multi Grammy award winning performer.

Other famous musicians and actors from Arizona include Jazz great Charles Mingus, Actors Ted Danson and Lynda Carter best known for playing Wonderwoman and iconic television talk show host, composer and actor Steve Allen.

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